On Your Mark Get Set Go

Yes, you read that correctly. When it comes to your health – always ‘GO’ before you ‘Get Set’ because your health cannot wait. Many of us wait too long to ‘start’ a healthy lifestyle regimen until everything is perfect in our lives, which means it usually never happens because our lives are so busy and hectic. Or, when we finally decide to start, we may already have disease, or we set up too many obstacles to have it succeed. Instead, we need to ‘start’ the race to a healthy lifestyle - eating healthy, being more physically active, and/or developing stress [...]

The Thanksgiving Myth

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us. This means celebrating good times with family, friends, and co-workers with lots of food, drink, and relaxation. Many of us love this joyous time of year… but for others it can be stressful and trigger emotional eating. The planning, preparing and cooking of meals, entertaining, shopping, traveling, hosting house-guests, and eating out results in eating too much and exercising too little. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many of us stack on a few pounds during the holiday season, which kicks into high gear with the Thanksgiving feast. [...]

The Before and After

Anyone starting a new exercise program wants all the hard work and sweat to pay-off in some way. Some of the more common pay-offs include body weight and fat loss, toned muscles, increased energy, better mood, and improved athletic performance. However, statistics tell us that most people who begin an exercise program don’t receive these “pay-offs”. Why is this? Many current exercise programs are to blame for this high failure rate because they are too intense and time-consuming and hold us hostage by expecting us to work-out like an “exercise-aholic” nearly every day of the week! None of us should [...]

Wonder Carbs

In recent years, no single food group has been “thrown under the bus” more than carbohydrates. This carb backlash reminds me of how fats have been ostracized and treated as the “black sheep” of the food groups beginning with the 1980 U.S. Dietary Guidelines. In the early 80’s, I vividly recall my dad trying to lose a few lbs. and coming home from the grocery store each week with low/no-fat everything… ice cream, milk, cheese, cookies, crackers, yogurt, and even potato chips! Despite eating all of these low/no-fat foods he struggled losing those extra pounds. The most disturbing irony of [...]

To be (well)….

Ironically, this famous soliloquy by Shakespeare’s Hamlet applies perfectly to our current healthcare crisis, characterized by skyrocketing lifestyle-related diseases (think obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, cognitive decline) and healthcare costs (excess of $500 billion), as well as the healthcare overhaul, known as ‘Obamacare’, that’s just beginning to kick-in. Thus, we all must ask ourselves ‘to be, or not to be’ - Healthy and Well... that is the question! Ultimately, the essence of ‘to be or not to be well’ examines our fundamental decision-making process when we are faced with a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle choice at any given time during [...]

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