What is Protein Pacing®?

Dr. Paul has defined Protein Pacing® as consuming the “right protein at the right time.” Here are the specific guidelines for Protein Pacing that Dr. Paul uncovered during his thirty years of leading research teams in human nutrition and metabolism:


Eat 4-6 high-quality protein-based meals per day


Evenly spaced every 3 hour


20-40 grams of protein at each meal


1st meal within 1 hour of waking in the morning


Last meal within 2 hours of going to sleep at night

To be clear, Protein Pacing is NOT a high protein diet. It’s simply the right protein at the right time.

Protein Pacing holds the key to healthy weight loss and optimal performance. Several human nutrition intervention studies from Dr. Paul’s laboratory at Skidmore College provide strong support for following Protein Pacing diet to decrease total body weight and body fat (including abdominal and harmful visceral fat), increase proportion of lean muscle mass, and improve cardiovascular and metabolic health.

His study diets range between 20-40 grams per meal of high-quality animal and plant-based protein that emphasize foods such as nuts and seeds, legumes, beans, pea or brown rice protein powder, free-range eggs and poultry, grass-fed dairy products (including milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein powder), wild fish, and grass-fed beef.

Of course, it would be amazing to eat these healthy and tasty protein foods throughout the day. But, the reality is, many of us simply do not have the time, energy, or money to prepare and purchase these foods for every meal we eat. This would be a full-time job!

Instead, Dr. Paul recommends we combine high quality whole foods and protein powders and bars to maximize the Protein Pacing diet effects. And we have the science to back it up!

For example, sound science has proven that 4-6 meals per day containing 20-40 grams of protein per meal from both protein-rich foods and powders and bars; stimulates metabolism up to 8 times more than fat and 2.5 times more than carbs; optimizes protein synthesis needed for enhanced repair and building of lean muscle mass; and quenches hunger better than any other nutrient.

For more information on Protein Pacing, order Dr. Paul’s book on Amazon and download the free app for Apple iOS or Google Android.

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